Rest In Paradise Talia Joy Castellano

I have to apologize for not posting as often as I’d like. No excuse other than laziness and forgetfulness. But these past few weeks have been kind of busy and full of emotional distress.


Last weekend my family had celebrated my niece’s 9th birthday, and a lot of our family also came to meet her 5month old baby brother. It’s amazing how time has flown! I honestly can’t believe she’s 9! I swear she’s still the baby that was born 22hrs after my sister checked into the hospital! I have been there since the time she was born, and I was there during her first milestones: first word, first step, first tooth, and first day of kindergarten.
I did make her a purse for her birthday, though!

That same day, Cory Monteith passed away. It was a sad day when I got the phone call from my niece late at night saying her grandmother told her about it. I had to do research on my own, and it was true. My heart sunk to the pit of my stomach, because I’m such a “GLEEK“. Then I saw a “meme” on Instagram that said, “She was planning their wedding, now she’s planning his funeral.” What’s going to happen to GLEE? Are they going to start the new season off by them honoring his character Finn Hudson like they did with John Ritter’s character on 8 Simple Rules?

A few days after, an AMAZING, INSPIRATIONAL, & JOYFUL YouTube beauty guru lost her battle with neuroblastoma & leukemia. She was only 13 yrs old. She battled cancer for almost half her life, 6yrs total. She was loved by everyone of her social media followers, and she inspired all of them, as well. She would’ve been 14 next month.

I’ve been following her since I watched one of her makeup tutorials on YouTube, and her cancer updates on her Facebook page. Although I never got the chance to meet her, on the day she passed I felt like I lost a close friend/family member. I feel that the beauty community on YouTube is like extended family (for those who don’t know, I post videos on YouTube, as well).

She was only 13, but she accomplished so much in her short time on Earth: makeup artist, honorary CoverGirl, entrepreneur (she started her own fashion line & wanted to start her own cosmetic line!!), and inspired those dealing with cancer, as well as those who didn’t.

I pray that her family, friends, and followers hearts be lifted as we celebrate this wonderful girl’s life. You will will forever be missed, and never forgotten,Talia Joy Castellano
Aug 19, 1999-July 16, 2013



Farewell, Google Reader! Hello, BlogLovin`!!

So, many of us use Google Reader when we catch up on the blogs that we follow. As many of you who do read blogs through Google Reader, many bloggers/vloggers have already promoted BlogLovin’ on one of their recent posts. So here I am letting you all know that as of this past Monday, July 1st, Google Reader has retired.

Sorry for the little post here, but if you’d still like to follow my crafting journey, follow my blog with Bloglovin!!

50 Random Facts

For those who know me, they know that I do have a YouTube channel. I mean, who doesn’t? I’ve had this channel for the longest time, but was never really consistent with my content. I’m starting to get back into the swing of things slowly, but we all know that life happens. My videos are beauty related videos, and I’ve always been interested in making people embrace their natural beauty, just by enhancing their features. Before I got into DIY, yarn crafts, and all that other jazz, I’ve always considered makeup artistry to be some sort of craft of mine. I mean, anything that you do with your hands, like making/building-wise, that’s a craft.

Because some of you have no clue as to who I am, I’ve provided a video on a tag that’s been going on around YouTube for a while now. So, get to know me & enjoy the video.

Here are a few other random facts that I thought of after I filmed this video:
51) I didn’t realize I have a birthmark near my left elbow until my early 20s.
52) The only soda I drink is Sprite (or any lemon-lime flavor) and orange soda.
53) In the past 1.5 years, Caesar and I moved 3 times.
54) My sisters & I rode an elephant and a camel at a fair.
55) I love watching shows from the 90s, when the moral of each episode was wholesome and realistic.