His & Her’s USMC Dress Blues Diaper Cover

His & Her's USMC Dress Blues Top & Diaper Cover

His & Her’s USMC Dress Blues Top & Diaper Cover

During my younger sister’s last month of pregnancy in January, she asked me if I can make her something like this. I told her that if I can find the pattern of how to do it, I definitely can. My brother-in-law is a USMC Cpl, and they were expecting a baby boy at the end of January. It came in perfect during my stay with them.

I searched high & low for the patterns for both the hat & diaper cover. I found the diaper cover easily from Flowers Creations. I did the pattern as directed, but instead of putting one button in the middle, I did two gold buttons on each side. This way, it can be more adjustable as my nephew grew a bit more. For the skirt diaper cover, I did the same pattern as the one from Flowers Creations, but added the skirt pattern from Repeat Crafter Me.

As for the hat, it took longer to find the perfect pattern for it, but low & behold, I found one from Busting Stitches. I modified it to be black & white, and added a little piece of white cardboard so that the top of it stayed flat. For the girl hat, it took a LOT of modifying. I started the pattern the same as the pattern says on Busting Stitches, but instead of decreasing in the 6th round, I kept it at 23 stitches in the round. I slowly decreased around the 16th round, and finished off as directed.

I hope you do try this out, but if you don’t know how to crochet (or don’t have time to crochet), you can email me to place an order: craftsbymp@gmail.com

I had fun doing something like this, and my sister used the diaper cover for my nephew’s 3month old photoshoot. Below are photos of my nephew taken by Mariposa Finan Photography in April.

Baby Kenneth in the whole set

My favorite picture by Mariposa Finan Photography